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How To Make Your Diving Planning?

Views:106     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-13      Origin:Site

At the end of 2017, there were two diving accidents in Pulau Komodo and Phi Phi Don. Diving Safety has to arouse our attention. Diving safety and diving plan are inseparable, so how to make a diving plan?


What is A Diving Plan?

A good diving plan can not only make your enjoy diving trip, but also ensure your safety.


Generally speaking, diving plans begin at the moment you decide to go diving. Whether the equipment needs to be improved, whether it needs to be maintained, the physical condition, whether the weather of the potential is suitable for launching, selecting the potential, choosing the quality of the dive shop, the quality of the potential guide, and so on, these are all things we need to consider.


The factors to be considered in the diving plan are the condition of the launching point (wave condition, current condition, visibility, etc.), how to enter and leave the water, diving path, diving purpose, bottom lag time, maximum depth, expected return residual pressure, safe stay, decompression stay, diving companion system, dive companion dispersion, preset condition, problem elimination, diving companion. And it also includes whether the physiological and psychological conditions of the sub-diving are appropriate, whether the diving plan is clear, whether it agrees with the plan, and so on. That is to say, the process of launching, diving, returning to the ship safely and shore has been done once. Everyone knows what to pay attention to instead of panicking and wondering what to do when something goes wrong. 


With the rapid development of science and technology, divers in recreational diving know the importance of diving computer watches. Everybody will also have one. While diving, watch the table to show the maximum depth, instant depth, diving time, no stay time, will make diving safer. At the same time, we should take some necessary tools with us when diving, such as diving knife, diving buoy and diving backpack. It is very helpful to bring the necessary tools.

At the same time as the depth of the computer table changes, the computer table can also operate synchronously. Divers can know at any time how long they can stay at the current depth.


Of course, when the diving is completed within the safe range of the computer watch, the display of the computer watch is safe. But in fact, is your body guaranteed to be okay? In fact, in ow's class, I believe it was also discussed that none of the existing diving modes is completely safe, even if you are diving at a specified time, depth, ascent or end. The implication is to tell you to dive more carefully and safely.


Diving plan can let diver guide communicate with diver beforehand and exchange necessary information. Divers can understand the situation of the dive and the diving process. Divers can also know about the situation of divers from chat, or the problems they may encounter underwater, so that they can avoid falling into the water to communicate without talking. Finally we can eliminate problems and return to the surface safely.

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