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Ocean protection start with us

Views:117     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-01      Origin:Site

The ocean on which we depend for survival has become bruised because of the endless demands and destruction of human beings. How to protect the ocean from further damage? In fact,  some small things that we can do will gradually change the ocean and eventually change the world.

1.  Sustainable Seafood Choices

The number of fish from world wide has been decreasing rapidly due to habitat loss and unsustainable fishing practices. For example, people often use trawling to catch lionfish, which will destroy deep-sea corals. Choose healthy and sustainable seafood when you shopping or dining out to reduce the need of overfished species. Meanwhile, say no to any shark fins and other endangered marine animals. Do not purchase marine products such as sealskin.

2. Do not Disturb Marine Life for Fun

We often see video clips on the internet that people entertain themselves by harassing marine wildlife. This is a very irresponsible act that will disturb them a lot. Some radical behavior may even scare some animals to death. So, what needs to be emphasized is that don't catch animals, don't grab them to take pictures, don't ride dolphins or turtles, and don't force puffer to swell.

3. Do not Take Away Corals

It’s a simple and easy thing to avoid, but it still keeps happening everyday. Corals grow extremely slowly, and even a few inches can take years to re-grow. Some types of corals are on the verge of extinction. Because even if a small piece of coral is destroyed, it will kill the entire coral reef. Soon, we will find that coral reefs and coral growth are severely reduced around the world.

Besides, what we have to protect are not only the living corals, but also the corals that are already dead at the bottom of the sea! They are an essential part of the marine ecosystem, so taking them away is much the same as depriving the resources which other creatures from this  ecosystem depend on. So when you are diving, share this knowledge to others with you to protect our ocean.

4. Avoid or Use Less Plastic Products

After a large amount of plastic garbage being poured into the sea, it is difficult to decompose in seawater, and it is easy to be eaten by marine creatures. This will cause animals to die due to indigestion.

We should use plastic products as little as possible, and reuse them as much as possible by recycling. Be sure not to litter plastic products to prevent them from entering the sewers and eventually being brought into the sea.

5. Be a Responsible Tourist and Diver

People like to go on a holiday by the sea, but some inappropriate behaviors may affect the marine environment. A responsible seaside tourist needs to throw personal waste into the trash can while playing on the beach or collect it with you until you find a right place to throw. And do not buy specimens and crafts made by marine animals. No profit leads to no extinction.

What divers should concern about is that do not urinate in the sea and do not touch coral reefs nor other marine life when you are diving. Take good care of your diving knife, diving buoy and other equipment with you in case that they affect other creatures. You can collect rubbish under the sea into your diving backpack when you encounter any. A small behavior may save a life.

You can share these tips to educate and inspire others. The more people take part in environmental protection, the more effective will it be. We hope everyone can join us to protect our earth and make it a better place. 

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