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What do you know about decompression sickness?

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Do you like diving? It is a wonderful thing to get close to the sea and enjoy the magical underwater world, is it? But do you know the potential risks of diving? Hypoxia, cramps, pain, etc.Here we introduce a hidden danger in diving that is easily overlooked by everyone---decompression sickness.

What’s the Decompression sickness

Decompression sickness also known as divers' disease, it describes a condition arising from dissolved gases coming out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurisation. DCS most commonly refers to problems arising from underwater diving decompression.

Decompression illness affects scuba divers, aviators, astronauts and compressed-air workers. The main risk factor for DCI is a reduction in ambient pressure. Such as deep / long dives, cold water, hard exercise at depth, and rapid ascents.

The reason of Decompression sickness

Decompression sickness is the result of inadequate decompression following exposure to increased pressure.During a dive, the body tissues absorb nitrogen from the breathing gas in proportion to the surrounding pressure. As long as the diver remains at pressure, the gas presents no problem. If the pressure is reduced too quickly, however, the nitrogen comes out of solution and forms bubbles in the tissues and bloodstream. This commonly occurs as a result of violating or approaching too closely the diving table limits.

In some cases, the disease is mild and not an immediate threat. But the quicker treatment begins, the better the chance for a full recovery. Here are some common diving diseases and treatments. Hope it help you.

Diving diseases and treatment methods

Dental caries---The cause of caries is the pressure of the jaws, the filling of the caries or the poor air pockets resulting in a closed air bag, which causes the pain of the teeth.

You need immediate treatment from the dentist, paying attention to avoiding diving before the teeth are healed.

Mask Extrusion---The mask pressure balance is not done before diving. This can cause pain in the face, swelling of the face, and congestion of the white part of the eye. In severe cases, it causes ear, nose and lung bleeding.

Pay attention to the balance of pressure inside and outside the mirror when diving. The mask should not be too tight and breathe with your nose.

Sinus congestion--- The reason is that the free bloody mucus blocks the sinus and the pressure in the sinus cannot be balanced. This causes pain and swelling in the sinus. Pay attention to the slow rise, don’t deep dive when the dive is not easy to balance. Diving is prohibited when you have a cold.

Before diving, you must make a comprehensive plan, including understanding your physical condition, consulting professional diving instructors, preparing diving equipment, such as diving knives, diving bags, diving elephants,snorkel breathing tube and mask etc. Wish you a safe and perfect diving exploration tour.

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