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What do you know about free diving competition rules?

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Whether you are a free diving contestant or interested in a free diving competition, you should have an understanding of the rules of the freediving competition. Today we will fully introduce the rules of the free diving competition.


Free Diving Competition Rules

Firstly, the athletes in the free diving competition will see their OT (official top) time before the competition day before the competition day, and have an understanding of the organizer's venue arrangement and competition process.

OT is the time when the athletes officially start to dive in the competition. It is arranged by the organizer according to the AP time. It is generally based on the athlete's ability and the previous best scores from high to low or low to high; this OT time regardless of Wind, rain or other reasons cannot be changed.

In general, athletes sign up for registration within one hour before the competition and are allowed to enter the warm-up area to warm up. The size of the warm-up area is different, and the time when the player is allowed to enter the competition area is different. After entering the competition area after confirming with the referee, the warm-up can begin.

The referee will perform the countdown 5 minutes before the start of the OT. The athlete will enter the water 30 seconds after the OT. The penalty is correct. If you leave before OT and OT10 seconds, you will be penalized. In other words, the interest rate is adjusted within 10 minutes.

Whether it is individual or team competition, all competitions are scores, no one counts distance and time, because if the action is not standard, it will be penalized. The depth is 1M 1 point, the pool is 1M 0.5 points, and the static seems to be 10 seconds 1 point. 

All the competitions need to make a water trilogy to the referee within 15.0 seconds after the water is discharged, remove the facial equipment (mirror, goggles and nose clip), make an I'm OK gesture, and clear Say I'm OK, and keep the white card in the respiratory tract without re-injecting water for 30 seconds.

If the hypoxia causes SAMBA or BO, the re-introduction of the respiratory tract will result in a red card, that is, the game score is invalid. When the referee records, it will record some symptoms of the athletes. For example, DQBO is a BO red card, and DQSP may be a red card for SAMBA. Similarly, if the respiratory tract enters the water first, then the water comes out, and then enters the water, it will be awarded a red card.

When the respiratory tract enters the water, you can enter the water after the OT, then the water, and then into the water. This is related to the skill of starting a movement, such as dynamics. If the nose and mouth are too close to the water surface when starting, the slight movements such as bending the knee will make a difference.

If the athlete has doubts about the environment of the game, such as sudden large waves or other irresistible reasons can not dive, you can immediately press the test to the referee, or apply for protest after the athletes match. After the dive is over, you can apply for re-dive. After the athletes test and determine that they can re-dive, they will reschedule the athletes again, but this rarely happens.

After a period of time after the end of the day, the referee will announce the results of the day. If you have doubts about your own or others' results, you can use the test, that is, ask for a second collegiate, but you need to pay 50 Euros to AIDA for the test. If the protest is successful, 50 Euro will be refunded. If it fails, the money will not be refunded.

After the protest, the referee will revisit the video according to the athlete's appeal and re-determine the results of the competition; and invite the protest athlete to watch the relevant video and inform the final decision; this result will be the final result.


Diving Equipment

Not everyone diving enthusiasts need to go to the free diving competition, but we need some tools to keep our diving safe.


1.Diving knife

There are two kinds of stainless steel and titanium alloy, and titanium alloy is not easy to rust. A cutting tool used when a diver encounters a fishing line, a fishing net or a seaweed. Our DIVING-KNIFE is made of special stainless steel, High strength and corrosion resistant. It can assassinate the underwater fierce animals, cut off the wooden sticks of about 50MM, and quickly cut off the entanglement of the net ropes, and use the tail of the handle to slam the shellfish. It is one of The essential equipment for diving.


2.Diving bag

As a diver, not only the number of equipment is large, but also the types are complex. Masks, snorkels, flippers, wet clothes, sun protection suits, bikinis, diving socks, diving boots, diving gloves, computer watches can all be placed In our Floating-Bag-Backpack, you can integrate your gear into one bag, giving you a perfect diving experience!


3.Surface Marker Buoy

At the end of the dive preparation to rise to the surface of the water, let the SMB rise out of the water, so that the passing ships know that there are divers under the water and pay attention to avoid. After being blown away, waiting For the water, etc., the SMB can be used as a certain buoyancy device on the water surface; second, the search rescuer can see you far away. When when there is a wave, when the wave is higher than your head , it will block the line of sight and the search and rescue people will not see you. And a long erect orange buoy will be very eye-catching. Our Scuba-Diver-Inflatable-Float is made of polyurethane nylon with a check valve and An explosion-proof valve for easy and safe use.


Let diving be your hobby!

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