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You are here: Home » News » Why scuba diving takes three minutes to stay and free to dive?

Why scuba diving takes three minutes to stay and free to dive?

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The main purpose of a three-minute stay in scuba diving is to avoid the decompression sickness.

To understand the decompression sickness, we need to understand the concept of partial pressure of a gas.

The concept of partial pressure of a gas

Normally we are used to breathing the air at sea level. So when the air pressure changes, our bodies change as well. For example, the most common phenomenon is when we go to the plateau area, we will have the altitude sickness.

Basically, when altitude goes up, the pressure will go down. As the density of our gas goes down, there's less oxygen per unit volume, which will finally lead to the altitude sickness.

To put it simply, when we dive, as we get deeper, the pressure gets higher. And the density of the gas we breathing gets higher, so the number of molecules of oxygen and nitrogen per unit volume goes up. Therefore, we have too many molecules of nitrogen in our bodies, and it takes time to get rid of them.

Scuba diving is usually between 15 and 35 meters. There is a huge increase in the stress of our environment and changes take place in our bodies, which will lead to a lot of health problems.

The decompression sickness

The decompression sickness (DCS) is a systemic disease caused by the formation of bubbles in blood vessels, organs and tissues after the dissolved gas in the body exceeding the gas saturation limit or lacking in enough time to remove the gas from the body, due to the rapid return to the low-pressure environment from the high-pressure environment.

For scuba diving: as we go deeper, the pressure around us increases and the density of the air we breathing increases as well. The air we breathe slowly melts into our blood and organs. Oxygen is consumed by our bodies, but nitrogen accumulates, forming silent bubbles. Once the silent bubble returns to the low-pressure environment, its volume will begin to expand rapidly, eventually leading to the decompression sickness.

In order to enjoy diving better, we should also take purchases of some equipment before diving. Divtop is dedicated to customer satisfaction with diving equipment. This brand has a large variety of diving equipment, and the quality is excellent, which can fully meet our needs. Therefore, we will take the product from divtop as an example to introduce the equipment that we must prepare.

Diving knife

While the ocean is full of mysteries, it's also full of dangers, so the diving knife is an essential tool for divers.

Diving knife can be used in many situations. It can help you get out when we're tangled in ropes, and it can be used to defend ourselves when attacked by sea creatures, and to open objects when we need to explore. It can be said that our safety is firmly tied together with diving knife.

Diving backpack

The backpack also plays a very important role in diving. It is made of waterproof material, which can prevent the items in the backpack from being soaked by water. A backpack can be used to store items needed for diving, such as swimsuits and changes of clothing. What's more, we can put medicine and other emergency supplies in our backpacks.

Diving buoy

Although small and often forgotten by divers in shopping, diving buoy can keep us safe at critical moments.

At the end of the diving, we are ready to come out of the water. But we are worried that there is a high-speed boat passing on the surface of the water or in the channel of water.  Therefore, we can  pull out the diving buoy underwater, which can float on the surface. It can create a marker on the surface, which can be noticed by the boat. Hence, it can avoid us being encountered by the boat and greatly increase the safety of diving.

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