• DJ-001 (3“ BLADE and 7.5” Overall length)
  • Web DJ-001Ti
  • Web DJ-002A
  • DJ-001 (3“ BLADE and 7.5” Overall length)
  • Web DJ-001Ti
  • Web DJ-002A

Custom Dive Knives from DIVTOP

We have been deeply involved in the diving industry for over two decades, offering a variety of materials, sizes, and designs of custom diving knives to meet your needs. 

If you have particular bespoke requests for custom diving knives, we will respond promptly and provide samples that meet your specifications.

Finding the Right Manufacturer

The selection of a supplier is a complex and crucial process, and it is with sincerity that we recommend DIVTOP to you. We meet your requirements in terms of specialized materials with corrosion-resistant processing, swift delivery times, and competitive pricing, showcasing our earnestness.

Furthermore, we ensure a rapid response time of 4 hours to facilitate timely communication with you, reducing information errors and enhancing our ability to address issues effectively.

Moreover, to safeguard the interests of both parties, we propose the creation of a contract and the issuance of invoices to delineate the rights and responsibilities of each party clearly.

Lastly, we aspire to establish a long-term and stable partnership with you, aiming to create greater value through mutual development and collaboration.

How to Custom Dive Knives

The production of diving knives typically involves three steps: 

blade manufacturing,

 sheath manufacturing, 

and the assembly and inspection of blades and sheaths.

When customizing the style to your preference, such as incorporating a logo, it can be laser-engraved onto the blade or printed onto the surface of the sheath.

Products Display

How can I customize my brand logo on my custom dive knife?

The logo can be printed on the dive knife sheath or can be laser printed on the blade of a diving knife.

Does the custom diving knife come with corresponding straps from the manufacturer?

Yes, each diving knife can be equipped with two knife straps.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom dive knives set by the manufacturer or suppliers?

If the blade is 420 stainless steel or Titanium material, we have no minimum quantities requested for a custom diving knife. 

How many colors are available for the custom diving knife sheath through your distributor or supplier?

Normally we have black, blue, and yellow colors for the sheath of custom diving knives. If you need your special color for the sheath, we can also produce it.

What are the packaging options for the custom dive knife provided by the manufacturer?

We typically offer each knife in either a cardboard box or vacuum-sealed packaging.

What blade configurations are available for the diving knife?

Diving knife blades are available in two types: pointed and flat. The blade edge can be either serrated or straight.

If we have our own sheath design, can it be developed?

Certainly, we can create molds and produce personalized sheath designs based on the client’s provided design specifications.

What material options are there for the diving knife?

If you take our inventory material and design, it will take about one week to ship out the order.

If you need to do a logo printing job on each custom diving knife, it will take about 12 days to open the logo mold and do the printing process. 

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