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If you are looking for the best diving mask manufacturers, or want to custom diving mask, collaborating with reputable Chinese diving mask manufacturers is your best choice.

For enthusiasts of free diving, free diving masks offer users a clear field of vision. If you wish to wear a sports camera to record your beautiful underwater journey, our customized diving masks also feature a unique camera mount design.

OEM & ODM Diving Mask

“China Diving Mask”

How to custom prescription snorkel mask

Our customization process typically involves discussing and selecting the appropriate diving mask style.

Based on your detailed requirements, we will customize a product that features your brand characteristics.

Special customization includes lens customization and function customization.

For users with poor eyesight, DIVTOP offers a service to customize suitable lenses. In response to the growing trend of underwater recording needs, we also offer function customization for camera mounts.


FAQ of Custom Diving Mask

What features should I look for in a snorkeling mask?

When choosing a snorkeling mask, the important point is to fit comfortably on your face without any gaps or leakage.

For the lens type, choose a snorkeling mask with tempered glass lenses for durability and a wide field of vision.

Furthermore, the diving mask should be easily adjusted with a silicone skirt and buckle. Choosing a personal color will be highly visible for safety.

Can I order a custom prescription snorkel mask?

Yes, you can order a custom diving mask. Please provide your detailed prescription to us, we will create a custom snorkel mask with suitable lenses for you.

How do I choose the best free diving mask?

When you check a freediving mask, the most important factor is the fit to seal comfortably against your face without any gaps.

Also for free diving need a low internal volume diving mask making it easier to dive deeper.

And choosing a free diving mask with tempered glass lenses. You can try and test different diving masks in the water before the freediving activity.

Are your snorkeling masks suitable for deep-sea diving?

For deep-sea diving, you should choose specialized scuba diving equipment that is designed to withstand the high pressures of depths. Not suitable for our surface diving regular snorkeling masks.

How do I maintain my snorkeling mask?

After each dive, please rinse your diving mask with fresh water.

Then keep the snorkeling mask and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or hot temperature.

So please store your dive mask in a cool, dry place. In regular, please check your free diving mask before diving. Make sure not to touch the inside of the lens with your fingers directly.

Instead, use a defogging solution before each dive. Also please check the silicone straps and replace them if necessary.

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