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Custom Dry Bags To KEEP GEAR DRY


During outdoor activities, whether engaging in water activities such as fishing, rafting, kayaking, surfing, or beach vacations, or participating in land activities such as hiking, camping, or cycling, DIVTOP’s dry bags provide the utmost protection for users’ valuables.

For those seeking enhanced waterproofing and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, DIVTOP’s high-frequency technology can produce superior custom dry bags.


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"Padding, watersports, camping, kayaking, rafting..."

Waterproof Dry Bags

When partaking in water sports, DIVTOP’s custom waterproof dry bag is an essential piece of equipment.

In kayaking, you may encounter situations such as splashing objects, and DIVTOP’s personalized waterproof  dry bag can effectively avoid accidental splashing and wetting of items.

"Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Camping etc.,"

Lightweight Dry Bags

We’ve introduced lightweight dry bags for the convenience of outdoor adventurers.

When hiking, put clothes, food and other items in a dry bag to prevent getting wet, help users protect the dryness and tidiness of items, and enhance the outdoor experience.

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Why Partner with Us? (3)

  • We are willing to provide samples free of charge for you to visually inspect the quality and craftsmanship. If you wish to try more products, we will select materials and manufacturing processes that are more suitable according to different brand requirements.

  • Dry bags made of PVC material offer a certain level of waterproof performance and are more lightweight, while those made of TPU material boast a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and a higher-quality finish, making them the preferred choice for many top brands.

  • If you have specific requirements, we believe that through our close communication, we can quickly produce products that meet your satisfaction, and we guarantee that bulk products will be of the same quality as the samples.


Can I customize the size and shape of my dry bag?

For the dry bag size, normally we need our customer to advise me of detailed roll top dimensions such as the height and width of the bag. For the shape of waterproof bags, there are backpack and duffle bag two main shapes. You can advise us your the main function of the bag you need. A backpack waterproof bag is easy to carry for heavier weights or if you need to walk with a dry bag for longer. Duffle bags can be stored items more well-organized. You can advise me which shape you need to make.

Are there limitations to the colors I can choose for my custom waterproof bags?

We have many different colors in stock for custom dry bags. You can choose our color pattern of inventory. If you need to make your special color, please send us your phone number to match. Normally MOQ for custom color for dry bag is 1,000m.

What kind of customization options are available for logos and branding?

The logo and branding on each waterproof bag are very important. Usually, the production of logos is done through two methods: screen printing and heat transfer printing. Screen printing is more practical and cost-effective for simple logos. Heat transfer printing is suitable for brightly colored patterns or full-screen printing needs

What materials are used in the production of your custom dry bags?

Waterproof bags are generally made of PVC, TPU, and nylon material. 

PVC is currently one of the commonly used waterproof materials, which has the characteristics of lightweight texture, wear resistance, high tensile strength, and can withstand various temperature and climate conditions. However, PVC waterproof materials are prone to aging, cracking, and failure, so attention should be paid to maintenance during use. 

TPU is the abbreviation for thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a material with high toughness, puncture resistance, and durability. Compared with PVC materials, TPU materials are more flexible and do not contain toxic and harmful components, making them more environmentally friendly.

Nylon materials have good wear resistance and tear resistance and can adapt to different temperatures and humidity. In addition, nylon materials have stable dimensions and are not prone to fading, deformation, and aging. However, nylon materials have relatively weak toughness and are prone to damage.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom dry bags?

Our minimum order quantity for dry bags is generally determined by color, size, and style. If we use our standard size, the minimum order quantity is usually 300 pieces. If it is a non-standard size dry bag, we first need to open a mold, and the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces.

How long does it take to produce and deliver custom dry bags?

The usual production lead time we arrange is one and a half months. For dry bags that require special customization, It will take about 10 days for welding mold. After sample confirmation, the production time is about 60 days.

Can I request samples before placing a large order?

The production and confirmation of samples before mass production are very important. After all customer requirements are determined, we will make samples of waterproof bags according to various detailed requirements. Once the samples are confirmed and sealed, we will strictly follow the pre-production samples for mass production and QC inspection job.

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