Diving Mask Strap

As a diving mask strap factory deeply involved in the diving industry, DIVTOP aims to provide high-quality products that match the brand’s tone.

We hope that our products can give every user a good experience.

OEM & ODM Goggle Straps

“Fashion and function balance, protect your water style ”

The neoprene material was selected for the production of our straps, combined with our expertise in our China diving mask strap manufacturing process.

The material features of the neoprene ensure the comfort of the diver.

The mature process makes us stable and able to meet various requirements.

Goggle Straps Products Display


What materials are best for custom goggle straps?

Most diving mask straps are made of neoprene material with nylon fabric cover.

How do I measure for a custom goggle strap?

Measuring the circumference of your head and the diving mask strap size. After that, you can try to attach the diving mask strap on the mask silicone strap and take it on to test.

Can I get custom goggle straps with my own design?

Yes, we can silk screen print your logo and design on the diving mask strap.

How long does it take to manufacture custom goggle straps?

It will take about four weeks to produce diving mask straps.

Are custom goggle straps more expensive than standard straps?

Yes. We should open the printing mold first and make the customized logo on each diving mask strap.

How do I care for my custom goggle straps?

After each dive, please rinse the diving mask strap with fresh water and dry it on without sunlight. Please keep it in stock without a humid environment as well.

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