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Custom Dive Buoy Flag

Venturing into the pristine bay to explore the beauty beneath the water’s surface, the presence of surface markers is essential.
DIVTOP, as a safety buoy supplier, supplies products including buoys and dive flags for snorkeling.

OEM & ODM Dive Buoy Flag

"More and cheaper"

wholesale dive flags

Many safety buoy suppliers offer dive flags as a complement to buoy sales, with DIVTOP offering professional customized dive flag services. Made of durable, colorfast nylon or PVC materials resistant to seawater corrosion, these products assist in personalized design patterns and matching.

DIVTOP caters to dive clubs and divers by providing wholesale services for dive flags, offering not only more competitive pricing for bulk purchases but also a variety of shipping options.

Dive Buoy Flag Products Display


What should I look for in a custom dive buoy flag?

Select a custom dive buoy flag made from durable, marine-grade nylon. Prioritize high-contrast colors and reflective material for enhanced visibility.

Ensure compliance with local regulations and opt for grommets or reinforced corners for secure attachment.

Why are dive flags important for snorkeling?

Dive flags are important for snorkelers to alert boaters of their presence, provide safety signals to other underwater enthusiasts, and comply with local regulations. These dive flags enhance visibility and promote safe shared use of the ocean environment.

Can I purchase dive flags in bulk?

Yes, you can buy dive flags of different sizes and different styles in bulk.

How do I maintain my dive buoy flag?

You can rinse it with fresh water after diving to remove salt and grime and dry it completely out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Please Inspect for tears or fading regularly and replace if damaged. Normally the dive flags should store it cool and dry when not in use.


Are custom dive buoy flags expensive?

The cost of custom dive buoy flags is determined by several factors. If you need more big-size flags, the cost will be expensive. And if you need more heavy-duty material such as marine grade nylon for dive flags, that will be also expensive as well.

How do I attach a dive flag to a buoy?

You can use a flag sleeve or flag pole to insert the flag on the buoy. Or you can use the line and clip or grommets to fasten the dive flags on the buoy. That way can make sure the dive flags can attached to a scuba buoy for durability.

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