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Diving Weight Belt Supplier

DIVTOP offers two main series of diving weight belts – the weight belts and block belts – crafted with high-quality fabric, featuring classic quick-release buckles, and designed to conform perfectly to the human body’s waist.

As a diving weight belt supplier, take each weight belt through a thorough inspection process to deliver you a safe, quality product.

Diving Weight Belt OEM & ODM

diving weight belt WEIGHT BELTS
"Scuba Diving Weight Belt"


I will introduce to you the diving weight belt from DIVTOP, a leading supplier of premium diving weight belts.

The DIVTOP diving weight belts are crafted from nylon material, offering enhanced comfort during wear and use.

The multi-pocket design provides greater flexibility, allowing users to adjust the weight according to buoyancy and depth requirements, enhancing versatility and functionality.

"Freediving Weight Belt"


The Block Belts is a specialized weight belt for freediving. The freediving weight belt has been crafted with a focus on lightweight design to minimize underwater resistance.

The weight of the lead blocks is customized to the depth at which the diver intends to descend, with varying weights required for different depths.

Dive equipment rental stores have ordered many of our free diving weight belts, as it is the least expensive free diving belt option on the market.

diving weight belts BLOCK BELTS

Diving Weight Belt Products Display


What should I look for in a diving weight belt supplier?

Select a diving weight belt supplier with a proven track record and diverse product line. Prioritize durable materials, positive diver reviews, and comfortable designs.

What is the difference between a diving weight belt and a freediving weight belt?

Scuba Diving Weight Belt:  Typically made of strong, non-stretchy nylon webbing.  This is because scuba divers need to maintain consistent weight throughout the dive for buoyancy control.

Freediving Weight Belt:  Made from stretchy materials like rubber or silicone.  As the freediver descends, their wetsuit compresses. A stretchy belt keeps weights close to the body for easier descents and avoids slipping during ascents.

Can I use a freediving weight belt for scuba diving?

No, it’s not ideal and could be unsafe. At scuba diving depths, the freediving weight belt might become too loose, causing weights to shift and potentially hinder buoyancy control.

How do I maintain my diving weight belt?

You can Rinse, keep dry, inspect, and store your diving weight belt regularly for long-lasting performance.

Are there different sizes of weight belts?

Diving weight belts come in various sizes based on waist length and weight capacity. Choose a belt that fits comfortably and can accommodate the weight you need for proper buoyancy control.

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