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During outdoor activities, whether hiking, kayaking, fishing, or beach vacations, a waterproof dry bag provides the best protection for your valuables.

I will share with you the evaluation of the different types of bags manufactured by our company in detail, hoping to help you choose the most suitable product for your needs.


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"Padding, watersports, camping, kayaking, rafting..."

Dry Bags

As one of the most common types of waterproof dry bags, Divtop’s dry bags are typically made of lightweight, cost-effective PVC materials and durable TPU materials, boasting excellent waterproof performance.

Customers often use Divtop’s dry bags for kayaking activities, providing perfect protection for their clothing, food, and electronic devices.

Whether it’s heavy rain or splashing water, the items in the bag always stay dry, giving users more peace of mind during outdoor activities.

"Hiking, kayaking, etc.,"


Divtop’s lightweight backpacks are designed specifically for mountaineering activities, and the enhanced waterproof function and multi-functional compartments are specially developed for water activities.

Even in adverse weather conditions, Divtop’s backpacks ensure that the contents remain dry.

If you need stronger waterproofing and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, Divtop’s high-frequency technology can customize higher-quality products for you.

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Phone Bags

Divtop’s waterproof phone bags effectively protect phones from water damage and are widely used in activities such as kayaking, surfing, and snorkeling.

Our latest designs also enable phones to capture wonderful photos and videos during water-based activities, suitable for a variety of aquatic scenes.

If you need waterproof phone bags with more features and different usage scenarios, please contact us.

"Outdoor activities, camping..."

Cooler Bags

When picnicking or camping outdoors, keeping food and drinks fresh and cool is crucial. Waterproof cooler bags not only keep food dry but also maintain its temperature.

Customers in the camping and travel industry often select our insulated bags, and fishing enthusiasts also frequently make purchases.



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