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Personalized fishing buoy

DIVTOP’s buoys are meticulously crafted using high-requency technology and precise stitching to ensure unparalleled performance. 

Our personalized spearfishing buoy comes with a corresponding dive flag as a set. We can also produce sets with SMBs of different sizes.

the Type of Buoy


Spearfishing Buoy

Tailored for spearfishing enthusiasts, this buoy boasts vibrant colors, lightweight durability, and practical design. 

Take the personalized spearfishing buoy SD-01, for example, its dive flag better marks the diver’s position, and the design of the personalized spearfishing buoy provides storage space for your fishing equipment and hunting spoils, allowing you to fully enjoy the thrill of spearfishing.


Surface Marker Buoy

DIVTOP’s UJ series is made of nylon material, featuring bright colors and customizable special techniques. As a manufacturer of surface marker buoys, DIVTOP offers a variety of styles to choose from. 

UJ-043 features reflective material on the top. UJ-83, UJ-084, UJ-085, and UJ-088 showcase personality through unique top designs.

DIVTOP’s buoys ensure safety and reliability while floating on the water or waiting.

3m reflective strips



  • The high-frequency process has always been the flagship product of our company, with skilled seamstresses providing impeccable details for our buoy products. 


  • DIVTOP’s surface marker buoy features an additional intricate design on the top. To cater to the Southeast Asian market, we have introduced some cartoon-themed surface marker buoys.

  • If your brand has more exclusive inspirations, we are more than willing to collaborate with you to create and produce them.


How does a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) differ from a Dive Flag?

Surface Marker buoy and dive flag have the same function on making the safety signal in diving industry. When designing the diving buoy, our primary consideration is to incorporate the diving flag logo into the buoy product, such as printing a prominent diving flag logo on the top or upper half of the Surface Marker Buoy, or designing the buoy to resemble a diving flag. At the same time, we will make full use of high-frequency technology to design the diving buoy as an inflatable structure, so that the buoy can float on the sea surface for a long time, ensuring greater visibility and not being blown over by the sea wind, thereby maximizing assistance in providing safety warnings for divers.

Can I customize my spearfishing Buoy or SMB?

Yes we can brand your logo on each surface marker buoy.You can email us your logo AI format file to us, we can open the logo printing mold and print your logo on diving buoy.

How do I choose the right manufacturer for my personalized spearfishing buoy or SMB?

Before you decide to place a order, we will email all the information to you on product cost, product description, product package data. After you confirm the cost, we will make a final sample to check at first. The final sample of diving buoy is very important to choose the right manufacturer at all.

What safety considerations should I keep in mind when using a Fishing Buoy or SMB?

Firstly, the surface marker buoy need have enough signal volume or area to show when floating on the sea. Secondly, the diving buoy must be very durable and no leak at all. That means fishing buoy should keep a long time to float and have no any problem.

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