• cuba divers carrying diving gear bags
  • Mother and daughter prepare to snorkeling dive
  • Best Diving Regulators Bags
  • cuba divers carrying diving gear bags
  • Mother and daughter prepare to snorkeling dive
  • Best Diving Regulators Bags

Scuba Gear Bag

Made with high-quality materials, DIVTOP’s scuba gear bags feature multiple compartments, adjustable shoulder straps, and harnesses designed to meet the needs of diver enthusiasts.

We offer a wide variety of diving bags to meet all your needs.

Our collection includes mesh gear bags, duffle mesh gear bags, snorkel fin bags, regulator round carry bags, lobster bags, diving weight belts, and diving gear duffle bags.


mesh gear bag
"Breathable Mesh, Durable Design"

Mesh dive bag

Our mesh dive bags are lightweight, easy to carry, and breathable.

Whether it’s a mask, fins, or other gear, this mesh dive bag can easily hold while also keeping your gear dry and fresh in humid conditions.


Dive gear bag

For divers who need to protect and store their regulators, our regular dive equipment packages are indispensable.

It provides excellent protection and portability to keep your regulator in tip-top condition at all times.

the best travel duffels


Why Choose Our Scuba Gear Bags? (3)


    We have been in the diving industry for over two decades, with our most produced products being various types of bags.


    We can create any type of bag product with different materials, sizes, and styles tailored to your storage needs. Our high-frequency technology ensures product quality.



    Our skilled workshop workers and exquisite stitching craftsmanship provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for your products. Choosing DIVTOP for production will make your diving journey even more enjoyable.


Can I order custom scuba gear bags with my logo?

Yes, we can make custom designs and brand custom logos on each scuba gear bag. Please email us your detailed design drawing and your logo AI format file.

We can open the logo printing mold or we can embroider your logo on.

What makes your diving gear bags durable?

We use high quality nylon fabric material to make diving gear bags even the bag can be used on boat with some salt water around. Also we use high strength stitch line to sew on. So our diving gear bag can be loaded more heavy diving gear and keep durable.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom dive gear bags?

Normally we accept 300 to 500pcs each order for custom dive gear bag.

If you need more or less quantities per order, please email us to discuss.

How can I become a distributor of your scuba gear bags?

We are always welcome to set up distributor all over the world.

If you need to be our distributor or deritory in your country, please email us or we can have the meeting to discuss in details.

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