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Scuba Gear Manufacturers

Divtop is a company that sells scuba gear and will pick the best scuba gear for your business activities.

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Introduction of scuba gear manufacturers

DIVTOP is a Chinese factory specializing in the manufacture of China scuba gear.

We are proud to partner with a company that sells scuba gear from around the world to provide high-quality scuba diving products for different brands.

Our scuba diving product line includes all the products you need for scuba diving, providing you with a one-stop wholesale supply.

Scuba Gear Series (4)

  • scuba page products pic diving gloves

    DIVTOP’s scuba gloves offer secure protection for divers of all skill levels.

    When ordered alongside our other neoprene-wear products, the delivery time is expedited.

  • scuba page products pic Diving Head Scientific

    DIVTOP’s diving hood shields users from the chilling depths of the ocean, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

    Typically sold as a set with diving caps, we also offer integrated diving suits for sale.

  • scuba page products pic dive knife

    Combining practicality and safety,

    DIVTOP’s diving knife encompasses a wide range of styles available in the market.


  • products pic spearfishing buoy

    Functioning as a safety beacon in the vast ocean, DIVTOP’s dive buoy ensures your safety during diving expeditions.

    Whether opting for basic or more intricately designed styles, we welcome you to explore and make your selection.


DIVTOP stands proudly amidst the competition of numerous scuba gear manufacturers, boasting of its excellence in quality and innovation.

Our wholesale scuba gear series encompasses cylinders, masks, vests, and more, ensuring you can breathe freely underwater while staying warm and comfortable.

Furthermore, diving gloves, diving socks, floating, and diving knives are also frequently customized accessories by many brands to guarantee the safety and comfort of divers


Do you offer customization options for wholesale scuba gear orders?

Customized service is crucial for the safety of diving equipment. We always hope to provide customized design for wholesale order, production, and sales for customers based on their specific requirements. In order to meet the customized needs of customers, our factory has established a dedicated team for customized services to quickly design, carefully sample, satisfactorily produce, and complete a series of processes for each scuba gear order according to customer’s various requirements, thus achieving an efficient customization process. For customers with branding requirements, we have different production equipment for brand design and manufacturing services. For customers requiring molds on diving gear, we have a professional mold development team to collaborate with.

How do you ensure the quality of your scuba gear?

To ensure quality control of diving gear products orders, it is important to first conduct sample work before production based on the customer’s requirements for diving equipment. Once the customer confirms the sample, we will immediately seal the sample for approval. We will then strictly control the quality of each raw material for diving products to ensure the stability and reliability of each material. During production, we will optimize the production process to ensure that the defect rate is reduced to a minimum, and after completion of the finished scuba gear product, we will have a professional quality control team inspect the quality of each product in every order to ensure that the excellence rate of the products before leaving the factory remains at the highest level.

What makes your company different from other companies that sell scuba gear?

As a professional diving gear manufacturer, we are very familiar with the specific needs of the diving industry and have a deep understanding of all diving safety standards. We strictly adhere to industry standards in our procurement, design, and production work. To achieve this level of expertise is impossible without more than ten years of experience in the diving industry. In addition, we regularly meet and communicate with diving industry clients to understand the current trends and safety requirements, constantly optimizing our diving gear product design and quality. These are innovative capabilities that other companies do not possess. For more than twenty years, Shanghai Divtop Company has always adhered to the principles of innovation, diligence, and integrity in our operations, setting us apart from other companies.

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