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The chance of getting entangled underwater is slim but possible, so you should bring a cutting tool when diving

(unless explicitly prohibited by local law).

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Discover the ultimate spearfishing companion – the versatile spearfishing knife!

Functionality at its finest: Some dagger designs come with added features like cutting tools or fins on the back, making it a true multi-tool for underwater adventures.

Boost your fishing efficiency: Designed to enhance your catch rate, these sleek black blades minimize reflection to prevent spooking your prey and disrupting your line of sight.

Convenience in action: Easy to handle and maneuver, these knives are crafted for precise targeting and swift strikes. With their sharp tips, they effortlessly penetrate the skins of fish and other game.

Never lose it again: Say goodbye to accidental losses! Certain designs come equipped with attachments that secure the knife to your diving line, ensuring it stays right where it belongs.

Built to last: Made from corrosion-resistant materials, these top-notch spearfishing knives boast a rugged and durable construction, providing reliability in various conditions.

What is MOQ for diving knife?

No MOQ request if you take our regular style.

Can you brand your company logo on the diving knife?

Yes, we can laser your logo on the blade or print your logo on the sheath.

How many colors of the sheath can you offer?

We can offer black, blue, and neon yellow color sheaths. If you need your customized color, please let me know.

Does the diving knife come with knife strap?

Yes, it comes with two knife straps.

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