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Snorkel Tube Factories

Numerous snorkel tube factories are available, so why choose DIVTOP for your production needs?

DIVTOP manufactures the best snorkel breathing tube for you, whether it be the J-style snorkel or the dry snorkel, we will meet your quality requirements. DIVTOP, as a snorkel gear wholesaler, offers custom services for your brand, with a distinct brand logo accompanying each breath.

the Type of Snorkel Tube

“Dry Snorkel, Semi-Dry Snorkel, Flexible Snorkel”

Snokel Gear

When it comes to snorkeling gear, the top choice for novice surface snorkeling is the inclusion of a waterproof valve design.

This design aids beginners in maintaining smooth breathing and alleviating tension. Both the semi-dry snorkel and dry snorkel are crucial options.

”Classic Snorkel“

Best spearfishing snorkel

In the pursuit of natural diving activities, having a dependable free diving snorkel is essential. DIVTOP’s classic snorkel material is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to adjust, allowing users to breathe effortlessly and enhance their underwater experience.

Snorkel Tube Products Display


What makes a snorkel tube the best choice for spearfishing?

Firstly, the best snorkel tube should be very comfortable to wear. So it should be very soft and made of silicone material for the tube and mouthpiece during spearfishing sport.

Secondly, spearfishing sport is a very rough and demanding activity, so the snorkel tube should be very durable under salt water. So it is important to choose high-quality material snorkel tube.

Thirdly, please choose a streamlined design snorkel is the best one allowing you to move quietly when spearfishing.

Furthermore, the snorkel tube should be flexible design and can bend easily to your movement. That way can help the diver maintain a good breathing position.

How do I choose the right free diving snorkel?

You should choose a comfortable snorkel that fits your mask securely. Specially the snorkel has a silicone mouthpiece.

Also, you should choose a snorkel with a purge valve. That way can allow you to easily clear water from the tube and prevent water from entering your mouth when free diving.

The size of the snorkel is also important. Make sure the snorkel is long enough to reach above the surface when you are face down. A suitable size tube is the best choice for free diving.

Are there specific features to look for in a snorkel breathing tube?

Choose high-quality and non-toxic silicone. Choose a diving snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece.

A purge valve at the bottom of the diving snorkel allows easy clearing of the water.

Choose a flexible design allowing for easy adjustment to fit your face.

Can I use the same snorkel for both spearfishing and free diving?

Yes, you can choose the same diving snorkel for both free diving and spearfishing.

However, some snorkels are designed for certain sports. So it is very important to choose a durable and comfortable one to fit your needs.

How do I maintain my snorkel tube to ensure it lasts long?

After each dive, please rinse the diving snorkel with fresh water within one hour.

Then allow the snorkel tube to fully air dry. Also please check the mouthpiece and purge valve very well. After that, please store the snorkel tube in a dry and cool room away from direct sunlight.

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