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  • spear fishing supplies pic 01

Spearfishing Spear

We are a leading spear spearfishing supplier, specializing in providing top-quality spearfishing spears.

Our products are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability, rust resistance, and long-lasting performance.

DIVTOP’s fishing products are continuously refined based on customer feedback, and we will produce products that meet your requirements according to brand standards.

OEM & ODM Spearfishing Spear

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“ DIVTOP has been deeply involved in diving industry for more than 20 years”

As a trusted spearfishing spear supplier, we offer a diverse range of spear types and styles, along with complementary accessories and equipment to enhance your fishing experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have the perfect spearfishing solution for you.

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FAQ of Spearfishing Spear

What are the essential spear fishing supplies I need to start?

In spearfishing sport, you need a speargun, fin, mask, snorkel, float, spearfishing knife, wetsuit, sock and glove, etc.

How do I choose a spear for spearfishing?

If you are newer, you can choose a smaller, less powerful speargun such as a 45cm to 75cm barrel length speargun. If you are a professional guy, please use a more powerful and longer one.

Where can I find a reliable spearfishing spear supplier?

You can choose a top brand Speargun for reliable products at your local diving store or Amazon online.

What materials are best for spearfishing spears?

The best material is carbon fiber barrel for spearfishing spear.

How do I maintain my spearfishing gear?

After each dive, please rinse the spearfishing gear in fresh water. Then make sure to dry your gear away from direct sunlight and store them very well.

Can I use any wetsuit for spearfishing?

In general, you can use more thicker than your surfing or water sports wetsuit such as 5mm thickness.

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