• DJ-001 (3“ BLADE and 7.5” Overall length)
  • Web DJ-001Ti
  • Web DJ-002A
  • DJ-001 (3“ BLADE and 7.5” Overall length)
  • Web DJ-001Ti
  • Web DJ-002A

The Brand Value of Diving Knives

Quality, Design, and Performance

A reputable diving knife brand can provide users with high-quality products and an exceptional user experience, gaining trust and a positive reputation.

DIVTOP can provide a stable supply of diving knives and offer competitive purchasing prices, ensuring you can promptly meet market demands and maximize profits.

Additionally, we can assist you in continuously improving product quality and maintaining a competitive edge through our technological expertise and innovative capabilities.

Why us ?

Establishing brand collaboration is a complex and important process, and here, we sincerely recommend ourselves to you. We meet your needs in terms of product quality, supply capacity, and competitive pricing to enhance our willingness to cooperate.

Secondly, we ensure a 4-hour rapid response time, establishing effective communication and collaboration mechanisms with you, to ensure timely exchange of information and problem-solving. Additionally, we suggest developing clear cooperation agreements and plans that delineate rights and responsibilities for both parties, ensuring a stable and sustainable collaborative relationship.

Lastly, we hope to establish a long-term partnership, creating greater value through mutual development and cooperation.

Technical Data

COLOUR Stainless steel natural color
MATERIAL Stainless steel
TEMPERATURE Surface polishing, electrolysis
USAGE Underwater
SIZE 12-30cm

Diving knives are special tools that require regular maintenance and care to ensure their performance and lifespan.

Firstly, they should be cleaned after each use to remove any saltwater and dirt from the blade.

Secondly, they should be regularly coated with rust-proof oil to prevent rusting. Additionally, the sharpness of the blade should be checked regularly. If it becomes dull, it can be sharpened using a sharpening stone.

Finally, it is important to store the knife in a dry and ventilated area to prevent the blade from rusting due to moisture. You can learn about the functions, uses, selection, and maintenance of diving knives.

As an important tool in diving, the proper use and maintenance of a diving knife are crucial for your diving safety. We hope this information can help you enjoy exploring the underwater world with ease.




Diving knives, as essential tools in the world of diving, offer a wide range of market opportunities and hold significant brand value. The increasing popularity and development of diving sports have created a growing demand for diving equipment, including diving knives.

They range from large diving knives that resemble hunting knives to small knives as lightweight as short swords that can be placed on forearms or BCD shoulders.

The main difference between a diving knife and knives for other purposes is the material, the design of the grip, and the scabbard.

Products Display

What is MOQ for diving knife?

No MOQ request if you take our regular style.

Can you brand your company logo on the diving knife?

Yes, we can laser your logo on the blade or print your logo on the sheath.

Does the diving knife come with knife strap?

Yes, it comes with two knife straps.

How many colors of the sheath can you offer?

We can offer black, blue, and neon yellow color sheaths. If you need your customized color, please let me know.

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