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Spearfishing may be done using free-diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving techniques.

However, spearfishing while using SCUBA or other artificial breathing apparatus is frowned upon in some locations and illegal in others.

Divtop manufactures spearfishing equipment suitable for local sales.




Count on DIVTOP.com to provide the diving gear you need for your next trip.

We stock knives, masks, fins, vests, bags, and more at a price you can afford.

This is the most common method of spearfishing. Fish are sensitive to their surroundings so it’s essential to be a silent hunter and the only way to do this is to hold your breath and dive into the depths.

There are a lot of spearos who discourage you from spearfishing with scuba gear. They feel like it’s not the pure method and doesn’t add enough challenge due to not having to hold your breath.

However, I know a spearo who brings his gun whenever he dives just in case he needs to protect himself from sharks or sees a good fish worth taking during the dive. He enjoys it, so good for him.

The biggest issue I see with scuba spearfishing is the amount of fish you scare away due to the bubbles your produce from breathing in and out. If you’re fishing in a place that’s loaded with fish then this might not be a big deal and by all means, take the fish any way you’d like.

As always, be careful of those around you while spearfishing without scuba gear.


What is MOQ for diving products?

No MOQ request if you take our regular style.

Can you brand my company logo on the products?


we can laser your logo on the products or print it.

How many colors of the sheath can you offer?

We can offer black, blue, and neon yellow color sheaths. If you need your customized color, please let me know.

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