Top Dive Knife Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

The dive knife is an essential piece of equipment in the diving industry. The function of the diving knife is to effectively assist divers in underwater activities, such as cutting underwater ropes, helping divers clear underwater entangled plants, preventing underwater creatures from attacking divers, and assisting divers in capturing marine plants and animals using the Scuba diving knife.

The dive knife generally consists of a sheath, handle, blade, and two knife straps. The blade is mainly made of stainless steel or titanium alloy, while the handle and sheath parts are made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the knife strap material is mainly synthetic rubber. The shape of the blade varies, divided into pointed, blunt, and serrated blades according to the various needs of divers underwater. The Sheaths of dive knives are divided into insertable and folding types.

Top featured dive knife Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

This table contains information on the top featured manufacturers and suppliers of dive knives on

Company Location Year Founded
Shanghai Divtop Shanghai, China 2003
Aropec Sports Corp Taiwan, China 1999
Dongguan City Guoyang Dongguan, China 2011

Top Featured Dive Knife Manufacturers and Suppliers on Divtop—Company Summaries

Shanghai Divtop is based in Shanghai, China. Founded in 2003, the company manufactures and distributes scuba dive knives and diving gear products.

Aropece Sports is based in Taiwan, China. Founded in 1999, the company distributes dive technical knives and diving accessory products.

Problue International is based in Taiwan, China. Founded in 2000, the company distributes dive knife and diving mask products.

Dongguan City Guuoyan is based on Dongguan,China. Founded in 2011, the company distributes dive knives and diving accessory products.

How to Choose the Right Dive Knife Supplier

When selecting a diving knife supplier, the below factors need to be considered.

Firstly, the dive knife supplier should have much more experience and a long time history in the Scuba diving Industry. The preferred supplier is eligible to enter the supply chain of well-known diving brands such as MARES, SCUBAPRO, and OCEANIC.

dive knife

Secondly, the dive knife supplier is able to provide customized services that effectively meet customer needs in various dimensions including design, material, and logo customization.

Finally, the diving knife supplier can provide product quality system certification and meet customer requirements for product warranty periods. Whether online or offline, they have received great reviews.

Top Dive Knife Manufacturers and Suppliers in China—Conclusion

Above, we have listed the top featured dive knife manufacturers and suppliers on Divtop. We hope this information has been helpful to you in your supplier search. To learn more about these companies, or to make your own custom shortlist of suppliers, feel free to visit Divtop, which has information on different styles of dive knives.

Common FAQ

What makes a dive knife manufacturer stand out in terms of quality and innovation?

The products of the diving knife supplier can well meet the specific needs of diving users, with a rich product line to fulfill the requirements of different diving purposes. Additionally, new Scuba knife products are continuously launched every year based on market demands.

How do I verify the authenticity and safety standards of a dive knife supplier?

The Dive knife supplier must provide valid production qualifications and be able to provide third-party certified quality assurance certificates.

What are the latest trends in dive knife design and materials?

The design requirements of a diving knife should better meet the needs of divers to use it conveniently underwater, especially being able to be easily used with just one hand. In terms of blade materials, more emphasis should be placed on the anti-rust and sharpness requirements of a diving knife.

How can divers ensure they are purchasing a dive knife that meets their needs?

When choosing a suitable diving knife, it is important to determine the specific diving activity the diver will be using it for, such as spearfishing, technical diving, or other underwater tasks. Different activities require knives with varying blade lengths and sheath designs.

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