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Spearfishing Equipment

DIVTOP is a Chinese factory specializing in the production of wholesale spearfishing equipment.

We are proud to work with companies of diving equipment from all over the world to provide high-quality fishing and hunting products for different brands.

Our spearfishing equipment product line includes all the products you need for underwater hunting, providing you with a one-stop wholesale supply.

Products Series (4)

  • products pic dive knife

    Combining practicality and safety,

    DIVTOP’s diving knife encompasses a wide range of styles available in the market.


  • products pic spearfishing buoy

    Functioning as a safety beacon in the vast ocean, DIVTOP’s dive buoy ensures your safety during diving expeditions.

    Whether opting for basic or more intricately designed styles, we welcome you to explore and make your selection.

  • products pic fishing spear

    DIVTOP’s diving hood shields users from the chilling depths of the ocean, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

    Typically sold as a set with diving caps, we also offer integrated diving suits for sale.

  • products pic spearfishing gear

    DIVTOP’s scuba gloves offer secure protection for divers of all skill levels.

    When ordered alongside our other neoprene-wear products, the delivery time is expedited.


Fish are highly sensitive to their surrounding environment, so choosing appropriate equipment is crucial during underwater fishing.

Whether it’s an individual studio, a retailer, or a spearfishing companies, Divtop aims to offer spearfishing solutions tailored to your needs.

With over two decades of experience in wholesale spearfishing equipment, Divtop provides products suitable for free and scuba diving fishing.


Can I order custom spearfishing wetsuits in bulk?

We warmly welcome customers to customize their diving spearfishing wetsuits. As long as customers provide the various sizes, thicknesses, materials, and colors to be customized, and the design requirements for the diving wetsuit’s lines, color matching, logo printing position, and pattern, we will first create a computer rendering for confirmation. Then, we will rush to make a sample according to the design, and arrange for mass production of a scuba diving wetsuit after the sample is confirmed.

Can you ship wholesale spearfishing equipment internationally?

Yes, we collaborate with multiple large logistics service providers, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Additionally, we also offer ocean freight, air freight, and railway DDP services. We can deliver spearfishing diving equipment to customers’ warehouses in a timely, accurate, and safe manner according to their requirements, providing door-to-door service

How can I become a distributor of your spearfishing equipment?

We welcome clients from all over the world to become our distributors of spearfishing diving equipment. If you have such a need, please send us an email, stating your specific cooperation requirements, and providing information about your company, cooperation expectations, and requirements. Then we will conduct in-depth understanding and negotiation. Through multiple video communications or face-to-face meetings, we will sign a long-term cooperation agreement and implement common goals together in the diving industry.

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